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"IMPERIAL SUPPLIES" ELBOW Inverted Flare Tube 45° Male Elbow Fitting. Inverted Flare Tube Fittings conform to ASA, ASME, SAE, and Mil. specifications. This short-bodied fitting fits in tighter places than other styles of fittings. Particularly well-suited for hydraulic brake systems, fuel equipment, and refrigeration applications. Seats and threads are recessed and protected. Short nuts affords very close tube bends. Used with copper, brass, aluminum, and steel hydraulic tubing or steel lines that can be flared. Working pressures up to 2,000 psi, depending upon tubing being used. Excellent vibration resistance. Temperature Range: -65° F. to 250° F. at maximum operating pressures. Typical Applications: pneumatic instrumentation circuits, lubrication, and cooling lines. Tube Outside Diameter: 5/16 Pipe Thread: 1/8 Thread Size: 1/2-20 Cross Reference: 352 x 5