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Our choice wild sockeye salmon is hand selected to ensure the highest quality fish.

We then smoke the hand-cut salmon fillets using alder wood to provide the most natural and delicious wood smoke flavor.

Finally, we cook our sockeye salmon just once in the pouch to retain its natural flavors and nutritional benefits.

Treat yourself to something special - grab a pouch and enjoy!

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Equa Seafoods is committed to providing our customers with high quality and great tasting seafood while practicing ethical and sustainable fishing methods. Our mission is to work towards keeping balance in our oceans.

We strive to give consumers as much information as possible to ensure they know the importance of choosing seafood sourced from sustainable fisheries that minimize habitat destruction and reduce by-catch. Our seafood products are all Ocean Wise Recommended by the Vancouver Aquarium as ocean-friendly. Our smoked sockeye salmon is simply the best!